Puppies born at July 25th 2020

We are so proud to present our C-litter. This combination is between our beautiful "Tilla" og stunning "Repe" Namupalan Bling Envy Laddie from Finland. 

Click the link to read more about Tilla and scroll down to see photos of Repe and read about him.

Thank you Anni Lahti  Lempileijonan Kennel for trusting us. Cant wait to see the puppies grow up to be as beautiful as we already know they will be.

C-kullet /C-litter

Three beautiful puppies, to females and one male. More photos of them here Photos C-Litter

Pedigree of this combination

Innavl 0,39% over 5 gen./Inbreeding 0,39% 5 generations

Namupalan Bling Envy Laddie "Repe"