D-kullet / D-Litter

Puppies born at July 4th 2021. One male and five females.

 We are so proud to present our D-litter. This combination is

between our lovely "Arwen" and beautiful Morelo. Both bred in

Norway. Morelo is owned and bred by Edel at Villa Bjørnebo's

Kennel. A big thank you to Edel for trusting us to use Morelo for

this combination🤩

Link to photoalbum here: Photos D-litter


Inbreeding 0,39% 7 generations.

More about Arwen here: "Arwen"

More about Morelo: scroll down😀

Website Morelo: http://www.villa-web.no/leo/index.php/nb/ct-menu-item-8/morelo



Valpenes stamtavle

Flotte Morelo

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