Puppies born 06.04.18

We are so happy for this combination between our sweet Tilla and stunning Sully.

More info about Tilla here: "Tilla"

More info about Sully: scroll down

Photos of Irish litter here: Photos Irish litter

The puppies

More info about the puppies follow their links

West Leopaws Irish Ephemera "Arwen"

West Leopaws Irish Popium "Storm"

Puppy Pedigree
Inbreeding 5 generations: 0,51%
Inbreeding 10 generations: 5,93%

Leokings Lionheart - Sully

 Ir Ch Int Ch Uk CH Eu W'16 Benelux W'16 Leokings Lionheart - "Sully"


ED: 0-0

LPN1: N-N (free) 

LPN2: N-N (free) 

LPPN3: N-N (free)

Lemp: D/N (carrier)

Eyes: Clear

Complete teeth / Scissor bite